Monday, June 02, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars movie experience (TFIOS)

I know this will be just one of the MANY many reactions that you guys will probably read after The Fault In Our Stars premieres, but much like Hazel Grace, I just had to "talk" and share my thoughts about one of my favourite novels.

So, today I watched TFIOS at a pre-screening thing, and let me just say that I was not expecting the number of people that showed up. Being a Mexican Nerdfighter since 2007, I've seen the "piece by piece" growth of our little community in my country. And today, I just felt so PROUD to be a Nerdfighter. I didn't want to be such a "fan" but I couldn't help but wear my Project For Awesome t-shirt in case I encountered another fellow Nerdfighter, and I did. And it was awesome. 

The Green brothers have been able to create a community where us nerds can be able to talk about what excites us, what makes our heart rate quicken, what we are just so obsessed about we just can't help but think about all day long, and even in the nights. It is a community where we can just be ourselves, something that, sadly, not many people can do. 

It was today that I got to experience how important this is. I was in a movie theater where the book fans got together with the movie star fans, the nerdfighters, the "I got dragged in here but I still enjoyed myself" boyfriends and many other types of movie goers. And we all had a really nice time living this story, through a movie screen and many loud sobbing girls (and some boys too...yes, I saw you. Call me Amelie, but that's what I like to do). I think being a Nerdfighter means accepting the "nerd" in others, and with this community today it was abundantly clear that it can be done.

OK, I shed a tear, but what I really liked about the portrayal of TFIOS is that the main point of the story was translated to the screen. Yes, this story has sick kids in it, but it isn't a story about cancer, it is, above all, a story about love. 

If you haven't read the book, do it. If you want to watch the movie, do it. You really won't regret it.

Oh! And by the way, hello blog, in which I haven't written a thing since 2011. I think I'll come back to you. We will see.